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Hello Everyone,

Made To Soar was born last year in the rain of early Vancouver winter… About this time last year, I was dreaming of going on the road and helping other survivors live their dreams. It has been a powerful year in which I was able to work with Alejandro, raise funds, and with your help, support him to rise and live his dreams.

We also produced a deep, gut wrenching and hopeful documentary short which you can view below.

Now it’s time to continue the project, to help the next survivor. Is it you?

One thing I learned is that this type of work requires connection and trust. I am inviting all of you to consider ‘Adding My Dream’ here on the website, so others can be inspired, and to share some of your story confidentially via the contact form.

I hope that Made to Soar has inspired you, and I will have the opportunity to meet more survivors and do some good work with you to live your dreams and raise awareness. If you feel called to be part of this project, please be in touch.

Thank You and Keep On Soaring,

Mark Riser

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