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Episode 2: Capture Beauty

He was brutally abused by family members, and then the priests he went to for help…

Today he is rising up, and learning to live his dreams.

Meet Alejandro.

This video was produced by Mark @ Made To Soar.
With your help, it could be the first of many inspiring stories. 

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Thanks so much to everyone who is making this possible.
Mark & Alejandro

Episode 1: Birth

Hi everyone,

I’m here in sunny Sacramento with Alejandro, and we have begun this amazing photographic journey of him living his dream. In his words, “I’ve seen so much ugliness in the world. Now I want to see and capture the beauty through photography.”

With joy and purpose I am happy to present Episode 1, Birth- which details my journey to Sacramento and the birth of Made to Soar.

Made to Soar is a groundbreaking project that:

  • Tells the amazing stories of childhood sexual abuse survivors and their recovery, through a brilliant video series
  • Asks survivors to dream big
  • Gathers support for their dreams and adventures
  • Helps them realize them
  • and Goes along for the ride
  • Documenting the journey and inspiring others with the stories of courageous people!


  • Raises public awareness of childhood sexual abuse, its staggering costs, and the enormous potential for healing that we all have.
  • Shifts focus from silence, shame and blame to healing, education and shared responsibility.

It’s a video series, where us survivors are the cast. Through your courageous life, we can inspire a generation of healing and help the next generation of children.

As this project grows, I’m currently looking for: 

  • Courageous survivors of any age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender, who are willing to work hard to live their dreams, and to share some of their story.
  • Support from eagle eyed documentary filmmakers with a passion for telling underdog stories 
  • Help from sage counsellors, psychologists, or healing arts practitioners, who can connect survivors with the child that still dreams within them, and to help them break through! 
  • Crowd funding experts who can channel public inspiration into funds for the project and its partners. Visionary communicators who can help us forge alliances with partner organizations in childhood abuse prevention, sexual respect education, legal reform, and recovery. 
  • Kickass composers, whose epic orchestral and electronic music talents can tell the emotional stories of the dreams of survivors.

I see my role as leading by example. I am a big kid at heart who has lived the horror of abuse and is walking the road to recovery. I want to go on adventures with survivors and be an inspiration, support, and resource person along the way. I want to communicate the vision of this project and be active on the ground. I am going to wear all these hats as I find a good team to work with!

Mark Ryser