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I want you to know that I take your privacy very seriously. I do not expect anyone to share openly as I have.

You can choose to visit this site and remain anonymous.

You can choose to anonymously share a one-line statement of your dream.

You can choose to write a post and, optionally, include an image. All posts are moderated.

You can also choose to request an interview and share your story and dreams in a more open way.

With this, I understand the need for privacy, and I respect your boundaries. I realize that not every survivor is in a position to share. I respect your choice of how much, if at all, you wish to contribute.

Please consider carefully any sharing you may wish to do. I recommend talking with a support person or therapist. This site publicly shares the dreams, stories and interviews of survivors. When you share a dream, story or interview on this site, you are consenting to your sharing being made public.

I may be able to help you live your dreams in some way. That is my hope and intention. However, I am not a licensed therapist. I do not offer professional counseling. Any help I may be able to offer to you is simply from my life experience, and that is all.

If you choose to participate, you choose how much to share. If you share, you might find it gives you hope and you may find support in your act of sharing.

Someone may see your dream and be moved. Someone may hear your story and want to help. What remains in silence can not grow, heal and receive nourishment.

How much do we survivors suffer because of public misconception and lack of understanding? How many times have we been afraid to lose a friend? How many of us have tried to get support but found it hard to find? And how much does public ignorance on childhood sexual abuse cost the children of today?

I hope that this project gives my fellow survivors the opportunity to take a step, however small or large, to move from silence and shame, to healing, support and community.